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AIN'T LIFE GRAND [entries|friends|calendar]

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[15 Jun 2010|11:16pm]
Portland is treating me nicely...got me a girlfriend, her name is Beth Myrick. She's covered in tattoos and she paints stencils. I'm living downtown in my own apartment but I'm moving to another part of town soon. I like my life right now for the most part.

[12 Jan 2010|11:47pm]
I've been in Portland for about 4 months now..so far it's been a little good and a little bad. I love living here fully and I'm sure I want to stay here a lot longer. I miss my good friends dearly though and wish they would come and visit me. I'm going back to North Carolina in april...hopefully.

To recap what's happened in the past 4 months...
The scooter I bought got wrecked, or rather I wrecked it. I was comming home from the tycho (which was fucking amazing!) on Dec. 5th after drinking quite a bit. It was about 19 degrees out and I hit an ice patch in the road that slid me into the ditch. I hit my head on the way down and it knocked me unconcious...I woke up to flashing lights and was being lifted into a stretcher. I ended up fine, but I totaled my scooter....I sold the scooter a week ago for 160 bucks. I miss it a lot!

My birthday was amazing!! I met an amazing girl named Alexis Boehm, we went on an awesome sushi date and had some really good lovemakin later that night. I thought we were going to date for a while and she led me on to believe so...but she ended up ditching me for another guy...apparently he was way more qualified than me. It really sucks because I waited sooooo fuckin long to meet someone like her. But I can definitely add this one to the life lessons list. Through this experience I was drawn to the image of the owl...well after obsessing over it and drawing lots of owls I finally researched it and found out that people who are naturally drawn to the owl are seeking the truth in people..the owl helps them percieve deceptive people and situations. This gave me comfort that there was something out there that was going to help me out. My eyes are wide open now....I feel good about the future.

I'm moving somewhere closer to downtown portland in the beginning of March...I will update then.

i am....................moving forward

[27 Nov 2009|11:52pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i dated this girl for about 2 years, her name was Kristina Elshoff. I completely forgot about her til 5 minutes ago. I wonder where she is and what she's doing. I'm pretty sure she's the first girl I fell in love with. I wish she hadn't changed so much. What a shame.

i am..........dubbledubd


[20 Oct 2009|11:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

I'm living in Portland now. I've been here for about a month and it's one of the best things i've done with myself. I'm living with this kid named Galen and we get along great. I'm working full time and might transfer to another nordstrom working with the stock team if i can get it all worked out. I'm getting really tired of working in the food service industry and i think some time working "behind the scenes" would be beneficial to my mental health. I finally bought a scooter! I've wanted one for years and i found a good deal so i bought it! it's a '98 honda elite 80..it's my new baby. Jessie and claire are going to be here day after tomorrow to visit me. That's going to be alot of fun!

life is great right now for the most part....more later...

i am....................mewsing with the kitten


[13 Sep 2009|11:19pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

so my life is taking a huge turn this coming wednesday. I'm about to move to portland, oregon. I've said all of my goodbyes and i'm ready to dive into a new chapter in life. although i'll miss all of the people i love i know they will be there for me, as i will for them. Luckily enough ms. difranco will be in portland and is musing my two favorite girls to the rose city for a few days in late october. I've still got a lot of packing to do and a going away get together round 2 tomorrow night at the crib. i'm gonna miss this place, as much as i've complained about it, it's home...and i love it here.

i am..........ready


[25 Jul 2009|11:03pm]
this is agonizing...waiting for september 16th is testing my patience...i have money...i have motivation...i'm fucking ready to go but i cant!!!! FUCK! i'm ready to lay down ALOT of paint in portland and leave a hefty mark. i'm just ready for everything...the bus smelled like asparagus pee tonight

[25 Jul 2009|02:15am]
go fuck yourself sandiego



[02 Jul 2009|02:17pm]
i got this chest hurr, and it looks rediculous...dear hurr fairy, make it go away!

chest hurrrrrrr

i had lots of fun last night...jessie ryan and i went to a house show and saw a group called blastoids...fun fun fun. met some cool kids out there...i don't know, i'ma miss this place alot. i feel like charlotte is a giant piece of cheese that's growing cultures as it ages. i'll be back soon enough, maybe i'll get it in it's prime.

i was thinkin about future plans, and i would really like to come back and open up a little shop that sells specialty spray paint, markers, cool clothes, skate shit, shoes...slash art gallery. i dunno, just a lil idea that might never make it to the drawing board.

it's all good

i am.................whatever you say i am

[28 Jun 2009|12:22am]


i moved out of the appartment, livin with mama dukes again..a few months and i'll be outta here..paint paint paint before i leave. prolly got a couple walls lined up. fat city is done! got paid a lil chunk...missin plaza midwood bad now, this side of town sucks!

i am.........................fern leaves

[25 Jun 2009|12:09am]
we're all gonna look so wierd when we get old

it's been a while [02 Jun 2009|12:29pm]
i haven't written in this thing in a quite some time..
to start off...i just got back from portland oregon last thursday. i had a fuckin blast, that place has alot going for it. i'm moving out there in september to live with my brother for a couple months and then find a place of my own. i'm really happy i have a huge goal to work towards, i haven't felt this focused and motivated in a looonnnnggg time. i'm moving back in with mama dukes for a bit to save money, sooner than later i hope but that all depends on my situation with my roommate and the replacement. i'm over being sentimental with everything i have here, although it will always be with me and the friends i have wont ever be forgotten, just letting go of all of it to move on with my own life is what needs to happen. i can't guarantee i'll have a good time or that good things will happen with my life if i move, but who will ever know if i don't do it? the grass isn't greener, it just grows different. this is probably the second most pivotal decision i've made in my life...fuck yeah.

i'm glad mark is moving in with claire, i was affraid i was gonna have to leave her with some shitty fuck from craigslist. i think they'll have a compatable m.o.

i'm going to be in an art show on june 19th at the neighborhood theater, if any one's interested it's called "culture initiative". check it out, joe will have some work up there too.

i am.....................bicycling

the overstock is tapped out [15 Apr 2009|11:04pm]
my crew mates and i started our mural today..it's going to take longer than expected. i'm ready for it though, i'm ready to let my creative juices flow. they've been all blocked up by work and alcohol lately, but i'll be much obliged to pull the cork and release the hounds on dat azzzzzzzz. mmmmm, azzzzzzz. on that note, the comfortable numb continues to haunt me on an hourly basis. i've got some wonderful female friends however that always remind me that they don't need to be naked for me to love them. thanks y'all ;). one of these wonderful women, emily pfahl, is making a book containing alot of the graffiti my crew mates and i have done over the past few years. i'm really excited and extremely humbled i have someone close to me who is willing to put so much effort forth with our art work in mind. that gal's swell.

claire, happy early birthday! 23...

i'm going to portland in about a month and i'm really fuckin excited. i plan on soaking the culture in as much as possible while im there, trying to get a feel. i've got to find out someplace to go, soon. before the dust settles and i get stuck...who wants to get stuck? not me. i'm sorta happy, but i live in a goddamn bubble. fuck da bubble. it's all a routine that i've become content with, and i don't feel affraid...fear is a good thing when applied properly.


i am...........hovering

an ode to pen and pencil [10 Feb 2009|12:40pm]






best shit ever [04 Feb 2009|12:20pm]

[02 Feb 2009|08:07pm]
donate your old spray paint cans to me..i'll put them to good use..i promise!!!

feelin good, feelin fine...how are you? [27 Jan 2009|03:32pm]
so i need to catch up a little....
i'm going to portland in may for 10 days to see my brother and paint ALOT!
i put chasin dumb girls off for a while so i can do things that i actually want to do. i'm really happy actually. i kept disappointing myself, fuck that.
i'm quitting smoking cigarettes and i've cut back significantly on my drinking...i must admit i'm very proud of both of those things. it feels good. really good.
i also decided to stay away from drugs for a good while.
joe and i are still at it with the painting....and i don't ever want to stop, it's way too exciting.
i just wish i had a good day freight spot. i would prolly paint alot more freight if i did.
my dad's been teaching me how to cook. we've made a few dishes so far, but it's very gratifying to cook my own food. i kinda want to have a bunch of people over and cook for them.

i am.............rough around the edges

[18 Dec 2008|11:20am]
i turned 22 today

[09 Dec 2008|08:43pm]
i'm really low right now, i feel kind of invisible.
i really need to do something about it before it gets too serious.
i hate this shit...

the good times were killing me... [27 Nov 2008|10:49pm]
solitude has become the norm...go home, sit down, tune out.
it gets harder and harder to put myself in those awkward social situations.
i actually get belly aches.
i'd rather just have myself and a song or two.
n' beer.
girls are far away, but so are goals. stuck in a cave.
noda finally decided to show it's face, we're doing the mural.
i wanna get paid and hide the money.
hopefully a solid $2500 is in order.
hint-that's enough to move out of this place!

music as of lately-
beach house
eero johannes
crystal castles
avette brothers
johnnie taylor
ray charles
of montreal

am i back peddlin? [27 Oct 2008|12:39am]
i wanna move to germany.

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